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Organization and Duties

National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior has particularly established Police Broadcasting Service (PBS) for advocacy of related policies and laws. The organizational structure of PBS includes a Director, a Deputy Director, and a secretary; has set up separately business units of Works Section, Planning Section, News Sector, Programming Section, Secretariat Office, Personnel Office, and Comptroller Office; and has founded the headquarters and branches of Taipei Station, Hsinchu Station, Taichung Station, Tainan Station, Kaohsiung Station, Yilan Station, Hualien Station, and Taitung Station.

The duties of PBS consist of the following items:

  1. Promoting police work, communicating public relations, facilitating traffic safety and providing enhanced services to citizen in line with advocacy.
  2. Helping the government to impart related policies and laws, improve public morals and promote public services.
  3. Proposal, research, planning, production, management, and execution of programs.
  4. News coverage and editing as well as production and broadcasting of programs.
  5. Design, erection, and maintenance of communication engineering related matters.
  6. Other matters related to policing advocacy.
update date:2016-02-15