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Service Center

In order to integrate the folk force and offer programs associated with daily life activities, PBS established service counters in 1971 to allow citizens to provide traffic alerts and seek services of lost and found and emergency rescues. It has fully exerted functions of task-based public broadcasting stations consistently for 40 years. 

Public expectation of government effectiveness is increased continuously in recent years as science and technology develop rapidly, PBS therefore set up “PBS Service Center” on June 1, 2011 to fully offer considerate e-services and takes its services up a notch.

Main Schemes:
"Listen to PBS and grasp the direction" is the core value of PBS to promote a variety of excellent and innovative citizen services under main schemes of good public order, smooth traffic, successful emergency rescues, and considerate e-services.

As modern science and technology change fast and development of communication equipment is rapid, “PBS Service Center” will integrate traditional communication equipment with advanced systems of networks, policing services APP, etc. in the future so as to offer citizens considerate services in an easier and faster way and become a benchmark of policing services.

Service Items:
Traffic Alerts Toll Free Line 0800-000-123, PBS Lost and Found Line (02) 2388-0066, and fax number (02) 2375-7078 of this Center supply citizens with quick, convenient services. The main services cover the following items:
  1. Integration services of road conditions. 
  2. Management of Lost and Found as well as reclamation service.
  3. Broadcasting to help look for missing persons and stolen vehicles.
  4. Broadcasting services of emergency rescues [Online Listening].
update date:2016-02-15